Back or Chest Facial

What Is Back or Chest Facial?

This is a powerful treatment that deep cleans and clarifies problem skin on the back or chest. Thorough extractions and a drying mask target blemishes to help encourage smoother, clearer skin.

Why people use Back or Chest Facial?

Just like the skin on the face, the skin on your upper chest can become laden with lines, wrinkles, breakouts, discoloration and sun damage. 


The back is an area that’s prone to redness and breakouts. Facials that target the back and shoulders focus primarily on cleaning out clogged pores and really exfoliating the skin since this is one part of the body that’s hard to get to at home.

What are the treatment benefits?

We’re seeing a big trend in facials done on other parts of the body. The steps used in body facials are usually the same: steam, massage, exfoliation and then a mask

We offer free consultations for most treatments, and you can often get an appointment to discuss your needs within a matter of days.


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Before starting the treatment, our professional will remove your make up with a deep facial cleanser. Our expert will analyze your skin type and any area of concern to tailor-fit the best skin care treatment for you personally.


Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, up to 10 minutes of extractions, mask & moisturise.

Improves the appearances of scars & dark marks in hard to reach areas. Clarifies & softens skin, helping to improve its appearance and texture. It will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed with a healthy, glowing back.

Prices Start @ £60 for 1 Hour 

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