Booty Facial (Women Only)

What Is Booty Facial?

The booty facial is an excellent treatment for those who would love a radiant, firm and lifted bottom.

Why people use Booty Facial?

This involves cleansing and removing any impurities on the area followed by a peel which is fantastic for clearing congestion. 

What are the treatment benefits?

We offer free consultations for most treatments, and you can often get an appointment to discuss your needs within a matter of days.


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BOOTY FACIAL (Women only) 

Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, up to 10 minutes of extractions, jelly peel mask & moisturise.
Clarifies & softens skin, helping to improve its appearance and texture.
It will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed with a healthy, glowing back.
(Polite notice: Please come showered & please avoid booking around the time of your period)

Prices Start @ £100 for 1 Hour

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