Signature Facial + (New Cryo Globes)

What Is Signature Facial + (New Cryo Globes)?

An enhancement to the deep cleansing facial that includes high-frequency & cryo massage, which eradicates acne causing bacteria. Vacuum suction is a facial treatment process that will lift your underlying tissue and make your structure beautiful. 

Why people use Signature Facial + (New Cryo Globes)?

Cryo globe is a cryogenic treatment that improves the health and youthful appearance of clients’ skin by using a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen to freeze skin found on the face, scalp, and neck area

What are the treatment benefits?

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduce dark circles & puffiness
  • Stimulates collagen & elastin

This facial is considered to be a safe, gentle and therapeutic approach to skin rejuvenation, quickly healing and restoring your skin’s health.

We offer free consultations for most treatments, and you can often get an appointment to discuss your needs within a matter of days.


Before starting the treatment, our professional will remove your make up with a deep facial cleanser. Our expert will analyze your skin type and any area of concern to tailor-fit the best skin care treatment for you personally.