All of the lights facial

What Is All of the lights facial?

This luxury facial includes a deep cleanse, vacuum suction, high frequency, LED derma wand, ultrasound and a galvanic facial.

Why people use All of the lights facial?

This treatment combines multiple facial therapies and uses mild electric currents that consist of positive and negative ions to stimulate the local muscles. The outcome is maintaining the muscle physiology. 

What are the treatment benefits?

This treatment is the best solution to achieve a clear, radiant complexion. Performed by professional experienced therapists, our deep pore cleansing facial utilizes extraction medical skin care to remove all your skin’s impurities. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look fresh, moisturized and will have a beautiful glow.

We offer free consultations for most treatments, and you can often get an appointment to discuss your needs within a matter of days.


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Before starting the treatment, our professional will remove your make up with a deep facial cleanser. Our expert will analyze your skin type and any area of concern to tailor-fit the best skin care treatment for you personally.


A luxury deep cleanse facial combining
*VACUUM SUCTION:Loosens congestion, drains waste & regenerate new skin cells.
*HIGH FREQUENCY: Dries out pimples & kills Bacteria.
*LED Derma wand: Anti-aging, promotes a radiant complexion & glow. Enhances blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to cells, strengthening skin tissues.
~ULTRASOUND: Increases collagen & elastin production that leads to firmer smoother skin
~GALVANIC: current acts like a magnets, pull out trapped impurities.

Prices Start @ £115 for 1 Hour 50 Mins

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