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Anti-Pollution Peel Off Mask


Improves hydration, reduces irritation and calms the skin.


Anti-pollution peel-off mask is a natural mask effective in removing microparticles and fighting against the effects environmental pollution causes on the skin.
Anti-pollution peel-off mask removes up to 84% of particles on the skin as it contains several highly purified algae-based active ingredients.
Algae, thanks to their high fiber content, effectively remove pollutants deposited on the skin. Chlorella seaweed, with its high detoxifying power and activated carbon, easily absorbs toxic substances deposited on the skin, facilitating their removal. White clay cleanses the skin surface thanks to its concentration in bentonite, and white ginseng root
extract (essential ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine) soothes and calms the skin. In addition, this mask contains a combination of alginates, which give it a soft and pleasant texture.

▪ For skin exposed to environmental pollutants
▪ Damaged skin
▪ Dehydrated skin
▪ Smokers


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