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The first double-action body peel: exfoliating and soothing.

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The first double-action body peel: exfoliating and soothing.
Provides +24% cell renewal compared to untreated control*. Contains 5-NAF Complex (5-Natural Acid Fruit Complex), a blend of natural acids extracted from different fruits, such as bilberry, orange and lemon. The combination of all these acids has a multi-action effect on the skin: increases hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis, softens the skin and stimulates elasticity. Lastly, thanks to α-Bisabolol and Chamomile extract, a unique soothing and anti-irritant effect is obtained in a peel for a pleasantly soft finish that prepares the skin for professional treatments.
pH 3.8-4.2

▪ To remove dead cells and sebum from the stratum corneum
▪ Enhances the absorption of active ingredients in Phase II
▪ Deeply cleanses and prepares the skin before transdermal treatments


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