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Toskani Purifying Cream


A rich and powerful line for acne-prone skins.


A rich and powerful line for acne-prone skins.
A powerful blend of effective actives works to prevent hyperkeratinisation while controlling bacteria and promoting a healthier, and a more hydrated complexion. Thanks to its plant extracts, this treating protective line, constantly purifies the skin by acting directly at the sebaceous production source. Oil-free and light textured, these products control acne lesions and prevent future ones, while reducing skin irritation and speeding up healing. Recommended for acne-prone and breakout-prone skins.

▪ Oily skins with shiny skin, pimples and blackheads
▪ Acne-prone skins
▪ Enlarged pores
▪ Inflamed skin


▪ For reducing inflammation, decreasing bacteria, negatively regulating the production of sebum and combating free radicals
▪ Provides very light exfoliation while maintaining the necessary level of hydration


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