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Toskani Bamboo Hydratonic


Facial tonic solution with soothing and refreshing effect.


Facial tonic solution with soothing and refreshing effect.
This fresh-scented, alcohol-free toner revitalises, hydrates and tones as it completes process for a totally clarified, refreshed feeling. It cleanses and thoroughly removes make up to obtain a smooth and hydrated skin extract due to its calming.
It contains Aloe Vera extract due to its calming and regenerating properties. This facial toner contains a combination of very concentrated botanical extracts, such as Bamboo, Lemon and Orange, which are a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. A soft peeling effect clears the dead surface cells and boosts cell turnover.

▪ Removes rests of impurities and dead cells
▪ Calms skin
▪ Provides strong hydration effect
▪ Tonifies skin
▪ Prepares skin before application of cosmetics


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