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Toskani Energising Cleanser


Cleaning, activating and revitalizing gel.


Cleaning, activating and revitalizing gel.

Energizing Cleanser’s function is to remove dirt, dust and make-up along with excess fat and dead skin cells accumulated over time. Unlike hard soap, Energizing Cleanser preserves some of the layers of skin fat. This prevents the skin from drying out and is vulnerable to irritants. Energizing Cleanser is ideal for using before any TOSKANI Cosmetic treatment. It makes it more receptive to treatment creams to be used after cleansing. This cleansing gel has been designed not only for its cleansing properties but also for its stimulating and activating effects on the skin.

▪ Cleans, purifies and tones the skin
▪ Improves skin appearance
▪ Optimizes skin permeability
▪ Promotes the absorption and response to cosmetic treatments


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