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Toskani Radiance Intimate Cream


Cream with gradual depigmenting action to deeply moisturise and rejuvenate the intimate area


Cream with gradual depigmenting action to deeply moisturise and rejuvenate the intimate area.
Radiance Intimate Cream is a gel-cream with a fresh and fluid texture formulated specifically to counteract ageing, flaccidity and pigmentary changes of the external genital area and the vulvo-perineal, area helping to restore its natural skin tone and appearance.
Radiance Intimate Cream is also ideal as a complementary product in the postoperative treatment of genital rejuvenation and childbirth. Contains an encapsulated brightening complex, formed by a latest generation liposome that is capable of penetrate and release Phytic Acid, Azeloglicin, Bisabolol, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C in specific layers of the skin, without damaging it. Created to help in complex disorders that occur at different levels of the skin, like hyperpigmentation problems. Moreover, these liposomes imitate the biological function of the basal layers of the epidermis, reconstructing the skin’s lipid structures. The external vulvo-vaginal area requires special care due to its extreme sensitivity and the special characteristics that differentiate it from other
parts of the body. Its pH slightly acid, does not alter the balance of the microbiome of the intimate zone, therefore, the proliferation of fungi and yeasts that can cause discomfort is avoided.
The appearance of dark spots is a consequence of processes that occur in different layers of the skin. To fight them, the amount of melanin in the skin must be reduced and its formation must be prevented to reduce its transport and favour its elimination

▪ Flaccidity
▪ Pigmentary changes
▪ Complement to the post-surgical treatments of genital rejuvenation ▪ Complement of the post-partum treatments


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